What happened to you, Boosh?

What happened to you, Boosh?


Well, friends, I heard there was a rumor I was dead. And in some ways that rumor was right. I was dead to writing anyway. Not dead to life or to whiskey or to myself. But dead to writing.

I don’t know if I will write again about whiskey. I tried to write about it honestly, as best I could. And I think I did. I will keep this site online. If someone finds it and enjoys reading what I’ve written, well, fuck yeah. Hell yeah. You’re goddam right! I would like that.

And maybe someday something will happen and I’ll be moved to write about whiskey again. But I think we can tell just by the dates of the things I wrote that this may have run its course. Or maybe not. Really, who the hell knows about things like this? Things of the heart and of whiskey and of souls and of writing?

I certainly don’t know the truth.