Diamondback Whiskey

Diamondback Whiskey


Hold the fort. There’s a new mystery whiskey out there. It’s a Texas whiskey called Diamondback, and it’s supposed to be an ass-kicker. A real table slapper. Label says, “Peat from Scotland. Venom from Texas.” It’s allegedly like a peated scotch but it’s rockin’ a blistering 108 proof.

BOOSH for sure.

Bottom of the label says, “Because we like a whiskey that doesn’t go down without a fight.

Oh fuck yeah. I gots to have this whiskey. Gots to.

Every lead I’m following to find Weiss whiskey is coming up dead ends. I’m still convinced Daniel Whittington knows more than he’s letting on. Fucker. Guy’s a friend but we might literally end up in a fist fight over this.

And I’ll fight over whiskey. Hell yeah I will. Daniel and I came to blows back in ’08 outside the Toad and Ostrich in Austin over some disparaging comments I made about Irish Whiskey. Comments that were completely legitimate and well-deserved, I might add. Admittedly, we were both pretty drunk. He got the best me, but I only have the one eye. I don’t want to make excuses but I can’t see for shit even when I’m sober. I got my licks in though. He knew he was in a fight.

So with my search for Weiss whiskey a bit stymied, I’m going to turn my attention to getting my hands on a bottle of Diamondback. For those of you inclined to join me in the search, send me your email address and I’ll trade intel with you.

Here’s what I know so far. And I had call in some serious favors from some sketchy folks to get the dope on this whiskey.

  1. Diamondback is for real. This thing exists. A number of people have seen it. I’ve spoken to at least one person who has tasted it. And I have what might be the only known photo of it. See below.
  2. It is not officially in production, but conversations are allegedly ongoing at a Texas distillery. I don’t know which one.
  3. Currently this whiskey is available in limited amounts. If you know someone who knows someone who knows someone, you can score a pre-production 200ml bottle. So they say anyway. I haven’t seen one of those.
  4. Diamondback is a peated whiskey that will be released at about 108 proof. So it’s going to kick your ass up front, in the middle, and going down. Shit yeah!

That’s all I know for now, campers. Stay tuned and I’ll post more information as it comes to me.

From a bar in Grapevine, Texas.